Eye Stickers

  • £18.00
Tax included.

Eye Stickers to stick on your internal thermal screens to bring your van to life!

You must stick these stickers on yourself 

Please note the stickers will be non-refundable once the stickers have been stuck down. The sticker is strong and good quality so once stuck down it wont easily be removed. 

These stickers are for the internal thermal screens ONLY and will not stick to the external black out wraps. 

Thermal screens sold SEPARATELY  

Size 1- suitable for VW Splitty and bay window transporters, etc

Size 2 - VWT4, Caddy, Bongo, Elgrand, vitos, Transit Custom, VWT25, etc

Size 3 - Motorhomes, T5, T6, Crafter, Sprinters, Ducatos, Boxers, Vivaro, TransitMK7/MK8, etc

You MUST message us to tell us the van that these stickers will be for so we know what size to send you (fuellagoon@gmail.com)