Caddy Screen Wrap - Deluxe Blue

  • £30.00
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Black out Blinds in the summer, Frost Protector in the winter

A Fuel Lagoon Black out Screen cover is just the thing you need when camping to block out the light and get in those few extra hours sleep in the morning. Our covers can also be used as frost protection in the winter. Constructed from black fully waterproof nylon, these are super tough but lightweight screen wraps that wont rip! They fit over your doors, and with a close fit they will not flap around in the wind. They also have two strong Hook and Loop Nylon fasteners to attach them to your door mirrors.

We provide a full set of instructions with every order!

They come in a FREE storage bag that can fit into your glove box.

Choosing to buy Fuel Lagoon products means you are supporting British Manufacturing. None of our products have been imported, they have all been made by hand here in the UK by UK residents, this means you are supporting the British economy. We are really passionate about what we make, and each individual customer. Follow us on our social media and join the Fuel Lagoon community

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