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Upgrade your screen cover with eyes to a deluxe!

All of our eyes screen covers come on the standard 40z nylon.. if you would like to upgrade your screen cover to a deluxe, add this to your basket alongside the screen cover you would like to buy and we will upgrade your cover to the deluxe version.

So what's the difference? The difference is in the fabric, the deluxe is thicker, slightly heavier and looks a little smarter, its made from 100% waterproof cotton twill/ 7 0z Nylon, and is a total black out blind. The standard cover is still a great product and a black out blind but Its a lot lighter thinner fabric constructed from a waterproof 4 0z nylon. It's a more 'stiff' fabric.

Although both of our products are brilliant.. we think its well worth the extra tenner for the deluxe cover :)