SALE 2nd's Pink T25 adventure awaits screen

SALE 2nd's Pink T25 adventure awaits screen

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This is a seconds screen which mean it does have a slight fault

This cover is for a VW T25 / T3 

The cover has no print fault, the faults are with the cover itself 

This screen cover has been used, however its in a relatively clean condition and has not been used much

The issues with this cover is that the stitching is a bit messy and it's not quiet up to the perfect standard that we would have liked it to be, it is also used not new. The fit might be a little off but it was never mentioned by the previous owner. Any questions feel free to email us 

It is still in a perfectly usable condition 

Full price this screen would cost around £80 so grab yourself a bargain 

Cute stylish screen cover for your T25