SALE Transit Custom Eyes Screen Cover Blue

SALE Transit Custom Eyes Screen Cover Blue

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This Item is on SALE due to having a fault on the screen. It is a seconds item and being sold at a discount price, this will also make the screen non returnable

There is actually no fault with this screen, it is just made in our older style of fabric which we no longer use so it is just old stock so we are putting it on sale!  We did think the whites of the eyes looked a little dull but other than that there wasn't a fault. 

We are no longer using this fabric for our standard screens as we have upgraded to something a little thicker however this is still a great quality product and a fabric we have been using for years and years before we upgraded

Grab a rare opportunity to order an eyes screen cover at a discount price! 

The screen is still in a perfectly good and usable condition, you can still use it with no issues at all so grab this screen at a cheap price!