SALE T4 Screen Cover - Florescent Yellow / Green

  • £21.99
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This Item is on SALE due to it being a bit of a tight fit. It is a 2nds item and being sold at a discount price, this will also make the screen non refundable. It will not fit absolutely fine its just a little tight 
Perfect for giving you privacy, or for use at a road side so you will be seen. Bright florescent colour! 
Our covers can also be used as frost protectors in the winter. 
Constructed from fully waterproof nylon, these are super tough but lightweight screen wraps that won’t rip! They fit over the doors and with a close fit they will not flap around in the wind. They also have two strong nylon fasteners to attach to your door mirrors. They come in a FREE storage bag that can fit into your glove box.