T5 / T6 Door Step Carpet Mats

  • £19.00
Tax included.

Specifically Tailored to fit the T5 / T6 

You will receive: 2 x Cab Set mats 2 x siding door mats 

Made from fully waterproof, rubber backed super tough carpet

Perfectly tailored to the VW Transporter T5

This is the toughest, strongest, hardest wearing carpet you can buy.

You can jet wash it, steam clean it, or just throw it in the washing machine, or even hose it down in the garden. 
We make these from up-cycled dirt trapper mats, if you trample grass in and out (as we all do when camping) or have a dog the hair will not stick to it. They will not let water and dirt penetrate the van floor 
The rubber backing also acts as a sound proofer.