Whats the difference between between the Deluxe and Standard Screen Covers? 

The deluxe screens are made from a thicker, higher quality fabric. They black out more light than the standard and are more durable. They still fold away small and are still a lightweight product thats not too bulky and can easily be stored. The standard screens are still a fantastic product, they certainly do the job. 

Does it cost extra to have customise design printed onto the Screen Covers? 

Yes it does cost extra to have any design printed. Please email your ideas / logos to beth.fuellagoon@gmail.com for a full quote. Generally as a rough guide it cost around £55-60 including the screen cover to have a small print (around 30-60cm) or for a large design (65-100cm) it will cost around £80-95 including the screen 

Do your blackout blind screen covers have thermal properties? 

The fabric we use for our external black out screen wraps do not have any thermal properties however, from our own camping trips we have found they did help to keep the van cooler on the hot summer days. For best results to keep your van cool in the summer and warm in the winter, we recommend purchasing our external thermal wraps or the internal thermal stick on blinds. 

Can I visit you and see your products / try them on or collect an order? 

We are an online retail store so we do not have any kind of store front. Our base is our industrial unit where we manufacture our products. We constantly have machines running to keep our production going, due to this we do not have any facilities to accommodate visitors. You can arrange prior to ordering to collect an item from our front door however this will need to be arranged with a scheduled date and time by ourselves so we can make sure we have everything ready for you.

Where is my order / How long will my order take? 

Please check our delivery details to see how long your order is scheduled to take. If you item is late, please first check your emails (and your spam folder) to see if we have emailed you to inform you or any kind of delay. Usually if thermal blind orders are late it will be because we are missing your van details requested from you in the description so we have been unable to send your item so please check if we need any details about your van to send the order. All our products priced at £25 or more are usually sent via DPD so providing you have left a phone number or email on the order, you should receive DPD tracking messages. If you have any problems regarding your delivery please email fuellagoon@gmail.com 

I've made a mistake, can I amend my order? 

We have a super quick turnaround so once you have placed your order it may be difficult to change. Please email us as soon as possible and we will try our best to resolve it for you, please include the order number and the detail of your request so we can work quickly to try to change it before the item is dispatched. We can not guarantee we will be able to change before the item is shipped but we will certainly try our best. 

Do you offer any discount? 

As a small, independent family business, that manufacture most our products here ourselves, we sell our products at the best price we can so that they are affordable for everyone. This means that there is very little room for discounts and sales (including blue light discounts). We do have a great 'SALE' section on our website where we sell all our seconds and samples that would otherwise end up in landfill these product are all completely usable with minor faults so you can get an absolute bargain and its definitely worth checking out! We do give out small discount codes to clubs / forums so if you are in a club it could be worth checking with the administrator if they have an account with us, if they do not, they can get in touch with us and arrange this. The best way to keep up to date with any possible sales or discounts is to sign up to our news letter and follow us on instagram or facebook to keep informed. 

How do I return an order? 

If you wish to return an item please email fuellagoon@gmail.com so we can arrange this for you. We do not offer free returns. 

Theres a problem with my order, what should I do? 

We are human after all and sometimes mistakes do happen, if there is any kind of problem with your order please send an email to fuellagoon@gmail.com as soon as possible and we will resolve your issue as quickly as possible. We have 30 day returns policy, so please make sure you message us right away. 

Can I pay over the phone? 

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to make a payment over the phone. You can order online or if you have any issues with payment please email us fuellagoon@gmail.com

I can't see my van listed on your website? 

Give us an email and we will send you a link to the right set for your vehicle OR It may be that we do not yet sell products for your vehicle however we are always looking to widen our range so please get in touch and we will see what we can do for you. During the winter season we do offer a service where you can bring your van to our unit in Leicester and we can make you some custom made products but this service is appointment only so please send us a email fuellagoon@gmail.com