Our Vans

Who are Fuel lagoon?

 The love for the outdoors, the quirky vehicles and freedom of travel is what created this business and it is a passion the team all share! 

Meet the Family...

Lee & Liz - BIG E The LT, Bluebell the T25 Syncro and lots of other projects 

" Campervans and quirky vehicles are a big passion of mine, i am always working on some kind of project whether it be a restoration or a camper conversion. My biggest project yet is almost finished, my beloved VW LT MK1 which I have converted into the ultimate Overlander! She is definitely a keeper along side my VW T25 Syncro! My current daily vehicle is my Land Cruiser. If you want to keep up to date with my projects and my adventures in BigE and Bluebell go and check out my instagram @big_e_vw " - Lee 

Amber - VW Crafter

"After making the decision to part with my VW T4 caravelle as it just wasn't big enough. I have taken on the challenge of doing a full Campervan conversion on this ex work van MWB Crafter. There is a HUGE amount of work to be done but the plan is to take it slow and create a camper that is ideal for adventures on the road. Keep an eye out for updates on our instagram- @fuellagoon.lifestyle"


Beth - VW LT MK1 

"I spent the winter of the lockdown transforming this ex ambulance into a little wooden cabin on wheels. I had pretty much never done any DIY before this van build so I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I have learnt so much, I put my heart and soul into the build, she's not perfect but I don't care, it all about the memories you make! I'm now working on the body work, getting rid of the rusty spots and getting a respray... wish me luck. My daily drive is my beloved MK1 Pajero, plan to take her off road and get a roof tent fitted for overland adventures" - Beth (@easytimeslt) 

The Work Horse

"Our hardest worker, used for shows and transportation. The coolest low loader" - The Team

Nancey and Emi - The UP gang 

"I recently turned 17 this year and I got this as my first car and I absolutely love my little up, not everyone will want to squeeze into the back of one of these but its perfect for me and my boarder terrier tea, believe it or not you can fit a bed in the back of one of these" - Emi 

"My UP is a perfect little vehicle for campouts and festivals, its a bit of a squeeze but you still get a good kip... much better than a tent anyway!" - Nancey 

Liz - Land Rover Defender 

"I love my landy, she's the perfect daily for me and the dogs"