Our Screens

Black Out Blinds

All our screens are constructed from black fabric, these super tough but lightweight screen wraps are just the thing you need when camping, unlike the big bulky thermal wraps these will fit in your glove box and come in a FREE handy storage bag.

See how they black out here: 

Although they are lightweight they are very well made, they are tough and will not rip, provided you use them properly. With a close fit they will not flap around in the wind as they fit over your doors and have two Hook and Loop, Nylon fasteners to attach them to your door mirrors (apart from the VW Splitty screen which doesn't attach to door mirrors)

They are tough and water proof. Not only will they block out the light and give you that extra sleeping time in the mornings, they can also be used in the winter to keep the frost off as well.

We take pride in all the items we make and sell, you wont find better or cheaper.

They do block out the majority of the light but are not classed as 'total' black out blinds unless you buy from our deluxe range  

Fancy something different? Our fun printed designs give your van character and personality Brighten up your van with our great designs.

We can print all sorts of different eyes, logo, club names and characters. We can customise screens to how you want them and make them personal to you and your van.  Want a specific Colour? Want to include and name? Or have you got your own idea in mind? Email us with your requirements fuellagoon@gmail.com

Deluxe Or Standard?

The standard screen covers are made out of a waterproof 4oz Nylon. It's a lighter fabric, more flimsy but black out around the same as the deluxe, the deluxe is just slightly better and made out of a thicker, heavier fabric and looks a little smarter, its made from 100% waterproof 70z nylon/ cotton twill, and is a total black out blind. All the printed screen covers (eyes) come on the standard screen, however you can upgrade to the deluxe screen for £10 by purchasing the upgrade along with your order  https://fuellagoon.co.uk/products/deluxe-upgrade


Thermal Screens

We use large 50mm suckers so they will not fall off in the night, unlike cheaper imported sets from other sellers you won't get any plastic rubbish from us. 
Designed to provide complete privacy and darkness day or night. The thermal properties keep you warm and cosy in the cold winter season and cool in the hot summer. They will also help to prevent condensation. All doors can be opened without removing the screens on the inside. 
The screens have 5 layers, 2 layers of foil and 2 layers of bubble insulation to reflect and trap the heat or cold then 1 layer of soft fleece on the inner side to keep you cosy when camping.