Our Screens

Black Out Blinds

Our super tough but lightweight screen wraps are just the thing you need when camping, these will fit in your glove box and come in a FREE handy storage bag.

See how they black out here: 

Although lightweight, they are very well made here in the UK by our family business. They are tough and will not rip, provided you use them correctly. They hook over the top of your doors and attach around your mirrors using a hook and loop fastening. 

Made from a fully waterproof fabric. Not only will they block out the light and give you that extra sleeping time in the mornings, they can also be used in the winter as frost guards. 

We can also personalise  these screens, find out how you can create a custom screen cover here 

Deluxe Or Standard?

The deluxe is a thicker product, more durable and blocks out more light. It's slightly heavier which means it's less likely to 'flap' in the wind. The standard screen cover is still a great product and does the job. In this case you get what you pay for. 

Personalised screens - For information on the personalised screens, click HERE  


Thermal Screens

Made here in the UK by Fuel Lagoon. Large 50mm suckers so they will not fall off in the night, unlike cheaper imported sets from other sellers as shown in the images. 
Designed to provide complete privacy and darkness day or night. The thermal properties keep you warm and cosy in the cold winter season and cool in the hot summer. They will also help to prevent condensation. All doors can be opened without removing the screens on the inside.
The screens have 5 layers, 2 layers of foil and 2 layers of bubble insulation to reflect and trap the heat or cold then,1 layer of soft fleece on the inner side to keep you cosy when camping.  Storage bags for your thermals are available here
You can choose between Black, Beige, Grey, Navy or Red fleece fabric. 
We also have a LIMITED EDITION golden glitter fabric to create a starry night feel in your van. This is a special type of glitter so it will not come off into your van, to place an order email us: fuellagoon@gmail.com