MK7 Transit - Thermal Screens

  • £78.00
Tax included.

Our thermal screens block out light and keep you cool/warm, they trap warm air and reflect the heat or cold

Designed to provide complete privacy in the day and the night.

Large 50mm soft suckers so they don't fall off in the night

All doors can be opened without removing the screens as they fit inside the vehicle

These will help prevent condensation building up on the inside of the windows

They totally block out the light, which means you can get a few hours extra sleep in the mornings

About the covers:

The screens have 5 layers, 2 layers of foil and 2 layers of bubble insulation to reflect and trap the heat or cold then 1 layer of soft fleece on the inner side to keep you cosy when camping. 

What you will receive with your set:

When buying the 3 piece front set, you will receive: 1 front screen, 1 passenger door window screen and 1 driver screen

When buying the 10 piece Tourneo set, you will receive: 1 front screen, 1 passenger  screen, 1 driver screen, 2 front side screens, 2 middle side screens 2 rear side screens and 1 tailgate screen.

When buying the Rear Barn Door set, you will receive: 2 screens for the rear barn door windows (These measure 60x53cm message us if you require a custom set)