Personalised Screens

Here at Fuel Lagoon, we are all about making the screens personal to you and your van.


What can I have printed?

Whether you just want a simple colour change of one of our already exciting screens to match your van, or whether you have a totally new idea in mind. All you have to do is email our designer Beth with your requirements we will see what we can do for you. Business Logos, Club Names, we get people send in drawing, photos or even just have a good old fashion chat about what you're after. Send us your ideas in whatever form you can, we would  love to here from you! we are completely open to new ideas, you will speak to our very own in house designer who will try and turn your dream screen into a reality. Due to copy right reasons we can't print Logos (unless its your own company or club) or any other work that we do not own the rights to.

What's the Process?

Email us with your requirements, we will have a chat about what we can do for you, then send you some proofs of the design. If you are happy with it then we can go a head and print it onto the screen, if not we will tweak the design until its perfect for you.

How long will it take?

Its a very quick service, overall turnaround on average is about a week but it obviously depends on how complex your design as to how long it will take to make it. To have a colour change to an existing design we have can all be done in the same day. The quicker you email us back with your responses the quicker we can make it. We do not work over the weekend. If the screens paid for before 2 O'clock we will post it for you the same day.

How do I pay for the Personalised Service?

We only use Paypal for the payments as its the safest and  quickest form of payment, for both us and you! We ask for your Email address for Paypal then we send you an invoice for the payment through Paypal. Once paid for your screen will be printed and posted to you.

How much will it cost?

A colour change to an already existing design will cost an extra £10
We have no set price list on our personalised screens. The price depends on multiple factors, such as, how much time we spend creating the design, how big the design is, how much media (paper) we use, how much ink is used, and how long the application of the design takes. Usually people pay between £60 -90 depending on the design. The more complex the design, the more the price tends to go up. To get a quote for your idea send beth an email and we will give you a price. 
Trust me when I say you wont find our level of service cheaper anywhere else


IMPORTANT: There is a NO returns Policy on our personalised screens, so you wont be able to change your mind if you decide you want a different design. So please make sure you are 100% sure on the design before you proceed to pay, if you think some things not right with the design tell our designer BEFORE paying as nothing can be done to change it afterwards.