gift guide under £100

Eye Screen covers- Guarenteed to put a smile on everyones face! Bring their van to life with the Fuel Lagoon Eyes, or choose one of our designs more suited to your style



Personalised Screen Covers- There's nothing more special then a gift that has been personalised specially for someone. Get any design printed onto a screen cover for under £100 message us with your requirements, speak with our designer beth and she will see what she can do for you ( these are available for a HUGE range of vans. Give a gift with a personal touch this year  



Seat Organiser Sets - Kit their van out and maximise their storage space. Room to put your bits and bobs where they can be easily accessible is hard to come by in our vans, these seat organisers really help to make the most of the space in your van. We have twin and single sets available 



Fuel Carrier - A cool accessory for those who like to travel far and wide in their vehicles, its ideal for those who love going off grid and they look awesome too! 



Thermal Blinds Sets- Treat your loved ones to a thermal set, keep them cosy in the winter month and cool in the summer. You can get 3p cab sets for around £75 depending on the van you have (if you need any advice on what van your loved one has and what you will need to buy them, please message us)