gift guide under £50

Armadillo Mats - These are currently only available for the T5, T5.1, T6 and T6.1. Perfect for freshening up a tired looking van or keeping a new one looking smart! These mats give fantastic coverage of the footwell! They are easy to fit and easy to clean! £35



Single Seat Organiser - This is a great MUST HAVE item in your van, when space is limited, you need to make the most of every potential storage area and these seat organisers do just that. 



Barn Door Awning - For those who have rear barn doors on their van, this is a fantastic gift idea, this quick fix awning provides a great little shelter from the rain. 



Steering Wheel Table - For those who work on the go, these are a fantastic, practical present. They slot easily into your steering wheel with a solid hold. Perfect for a laptop or taking notes. 



Barn Door Organiser - A great gift for those with barn doors on their van. A handy way to store the quick grab items you always need when you are out and about in your van. They really maximise the storage space in your van



Frost Protector - A product you can use all year round, our blackout blinds can also be used as frost protectors in the winter as well as blinds in the summer. For the daily drivers, this is a great product to help them save time on those frosty mornings and they can also take it camping with them in the summer season. Our standard plain screen covers start from just £31 



Mud Munchers - These are a real handy little product to keep in your van for an emergency!  Ever got stuck in the mud on a campsite? These will get you out! They are super easy to use, and will assist you if you get wheel spin or stuck in a rut! They also work in sand and snow. 



Thermal Blind- You can get a thermal blind or two under £50 maybe they would like a nice blind for the tailgate or a window in the side of their van. They keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer! (if you need any advice on what van your loved one has and what you will need to buy them, please message us we are always happy to help)



Thermal Screen Wraps - These are a great present for those who like their winter camping! They help to keep the van cosy and also work as frost protectors. 



Deluxe Plain Screen Cover - A classic item that every 'camper vanner' needs in their vans. These deluxe screen covers will stand the test of time, they are a great allrounder, keeping the light out and giving you some privacy.