DAF T244

  • £85.00
Tax included.

Internal Thermal Blinds 

Keep your van cool in the summer OR cosy and warm in the winter. The screens have 5 layers, 2 layers of foil and 2 layers of bubble insulation to reflect and trap the heat or cold, then 1 layer of soft fleece on the inner side to keep you cosy when camping. Silver foil on the outside but choose from a range of colours for the inside. A storage bag is available for you to purchase here 

3p Cab Set - This includes the window screen, passenger window and drivers window blinds 

5p CREW Cab Set - This included the window screen, passenger window and drivers window blinds and also the two rear windows in the crew cab variation

External Screen Cover 

Black out blinds in the summer, frost protectors in the winter. Great way to act as a curtain. Constructed from fully waterproof nylon, these are super tough but lightweight screen wraps that won’t rip! They hook over the doors and have two strong nylon fasteners to attach under your door mirrors. They come in a FREE storage bag that can fit into your glove box. These also have added straps to attach around the door handle 

Plain - You will receive a plain Black screen cover, these are currently only available in black with NO colour choice. There will be nothing printed on this screen

With Eyes - Choose which colour eyes and design you would like. Please note the screen cover is only available in black, the colour choice is referring to the colour of the eyes. Please note screen will not be sent with FL logo's on side unless you request it.

If you have a DAF but it is not the same as the one in the image but you would like some custom made thermal blinds please email us fuellagoon@gmail.com and we will see if there is anything we can do for you.