T6 Screen Wrap - A Plain Deluxe

  • £39.00
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Tailored specifically to the VW T6. As shown in one of the images, a lot of people online are selling their T5 screens as T6's which DO NOT fit how they should. We don't do that, our T6 cover have been made for the T6 and are a better fit then most others out there. 

Black out blinds in the summer, frost protectors in the winter

A Fuel Lagoon screen cover is just the thing you need when camping to block out the light and get in those few extra hours sleep in the morning. 
Our covers can also be used as frost protectors in the winter. 
Constructed from fully waterproof nylon, these are super tough but lightweight screen wraps that won’t rip! They hook over the doors and have two strong nylon fasteners to attach under your door mirrors. They come in a FREE storage bag that can fit into your glove box. 

We can also print eyes, names, club logo’s, business logo’s and other fun designs onto your screen. We will customise the screens to how you wish. Message us with your requirements. 
The deluxe is thicker and more durable, it also blocks out more light than the standard version 
Please note we make these a nice tight fit, if you have a pop top or awning rail that comes in the wait of the wrap this will affect the fit of the cover