Mirror Mits - Frost Protectors

  • £18.00
Tax included.

Frost / snow / ice on your Mirrors in the mornings? Problem Solved with the Fuel Lagoon Mirror Mits! 

Slide over your mirrors and pull the drawstring tight. Do this the night before, then remove in the mornings and drive away! No scraping, No faffing. 

Includes 2 mittens for both mirrors

The Fuel Lagoon mirror mats are made from 100% waterproof fabric and have a silver thermal insulated cover over the glass area to further prevent any frost. They also have an elasticated drawstring so that you can attach them nice and tightly. 

Good quality and made here in the UK. Will withstand wind, rain and snow. 

These are tailored to fit T5/T6 but are very versatile and will fit a whole range of campers and cars!