Multi Way Storage Organisers - The Campfire Cook's

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Multi Way Storage organiser.

This is one is designed for our foodies, a campfire chef needs all their gear in one handy place next to their cooking station, ideal for an overlander rear door OR on stakes next to your campfire. The great thing about these, they are easily moved to your desired cooking location, you can use them however and wherever you like. Handy Storage organiser for you Camper / Daily Van or Overlander 

You can attach these organisers any way you would like. They come as standard with a 'hook and loop' Velcro attachment so you can stick them wherever you like in your van. You can get added tabbed rings onto the organiser if you find this to be a more suitable way to hang them in you van OR find you own way to attach them in using screws or nails etc. These are super flexible organisers for you to use them in your own way. 

Ways to use these in your van: 

 1 - Velcro fastener (These come as standard with a velcro attachment on the organiser then another sticky back velcro which you can attach where you need to in you van so they can attached in your van via velcro. Please note the sticky back sided velcro will only stick to certain clean surfaces) 

2 - Rings (these metal ring tabs can be added which you can then attach your own way into the van. This also makes them moveable if you want the option to move them around)

3 - Screw them in (You can nail or screw them into your van, please note once any hole has been made in the product it will be non returnable. We also recommend if you go for this option to burn the holes in so the fabric doesn't fray but please be careful doing this so you don't damage yourself or the product)

4 - Attach to an awning rail (this you will need to purchase the awning rail adapter for, you can message us to request this, it is a section of velcro that sides into an awning rail so you can then attach your organiser onto it) Please note the awning rail itself is not included with this. 

If you do have any questions regarding these organisers please feel free to message us. Please note the cutlery and cooking equipment is NOT included in the purchase, you will ONLY receive the organiser. 

The photo example is showing the organiser fitted onto the awning rail adaption