VW T6.1 - Thermal Screens

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Thermal Screens For the VW T6.1 

Made here in the UK by Fuel Lagoon. Large 50mm suckers so they will not fall off in the night, unlike cheaper imported sets from other sellers as shown in the images. 
Designed to provide complete privacy and darkness day or night. The thermal properties keep you warm and cosy in the cold winter season and cool in the hot summer. They will also help to prevent condensation. All doors can be opened without removing the screens on the inside. 

About the covers:

The screens have 5 layers, 2 layers of foil and 2 layers of bubble insulation to reflect and trap the heat or cold then 1 layer of soft fleece on the inner side to keep you cosy when camping. 

If you choose the 'colour' option, then please message us with your colour request.

Storage bags for your thermals are available here

What you will receive with your set:

When buying the 6 piece Combi set, you will receive: 1 front screen, 1 passenger door and 1 driver side,  2 middle screens and a back tailgate

When Buying the 8 piece California set, you will receive: 1 front screen, 1 passenger door side and 1 driver side, 4 middle sides and a back tailgate screen

When buying the tailgate, you will receive: 1 rear back window tailgate blind

When buying the side blinds , you will receive: 1 middle side blind

When buying the 2 Piece Side and Tailgate, you will receive: 1 rear back window tailgate and 1 middle side

When buying the Barn Doors set, you will receive: 2 screens for the rear barn door windows

When buying the 3 piece front set, you will receive: 1 front screen, 1 passenger door window blind and 1 driver blind

If you are ordering a set containing the Rear / Side windows we will NEED a few details from you as we can't post you the correct item without them! 1) Is your van a kombi, california, caravelle or shuttle. 2) If it's factory fitted? 3) Is it a Long Or Short wheel base 4) Does it have plastic trims around the internal windows if you are unsure please send us some photos. 5) if it has a rear wiper. Why do we need all this info? Please email us at fuellagoon@gmail.com with your details so we can get your order to you as quickly as possible. 

Please note these will ONLY fit the T6.1 if you have the T6 click HERE